Why We Love Them- 2

Friday, May 3, 2013

My dear readers (today only those with interest in boys) take a good look on my todays choice because we (me&you) are going to discuss about some of my favorite boys out there ! Enjoy ;)


1. OLLY MURSboys_hot_men_man_males_male_sexy_best_guys_ssfashionworld_slovenian_slovenska_blogger_blogerka_olly_murs_funny_cute_singer_best_love_amazing_x_factor_glasses_yellow_sunglasses

Boy I'm actually in love with ! haha :D joke, but I really adore him. He is the type of a guy that would take you to cinema on first date and make sure you never stop smiling. I'm sure you would all agree he is super cute and his voice is magical ! He got me the first time I saw him on The X factor back in 2009. So lets see why we all love him so much: He likes kids (and what is cuter than seeing a guy playing with kids…), he likes to help others(example is Red Nose Day-fundraising even),  he have a good sense of humor (he is not afraid to make fun out of himself ) and I could just continue with this till tomorrow and I still wouldn’t finish. My dear friend don’t you worry I have all documented with photos of Olly ;)



And I almost forgot on his accent … Yes Olly that too !



2. ED WESTWICK boys_hot_men_man_males_male_sexy_best_guys_ssfashionworld_slovenian_slovenska_blogger_blogerka_ed_westwick_chuck_bass_actor_beast_gentleman_fancy_suit_gossip_girl_famous

or should I say Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) and we can stop with talking about this boy. We all know him and we all want to end up in Paris with him tomorrow morning. His face actually tells us “bitch please, Its me and you will never find a guy like me” and we don’t even want anyone else as long as we can have him. He absolutely give us a feeling of bad boy but still we all know he is the guy that could always put our life on other level and he just leave us speechless. He is a gentleman that any girl would want but he can still have fun and make a girl feel like she is the only girl in the world. And now say you don’t get that feeling while you are watching him.






Not what you expected, right ? I know but he is just the sweetest guy. I call him teddy because he is simply like a little teddy bear that you want to hug because of all the adorableness he owns. If you don’t know Lamar is professional basketball player that plays for LA Clippers (I'm not basketball fan but I know few things when it comes to Lamar,lol. And please note that future from above is from the times while Lamar was still playing for the Lakers). He is now married with Khloe Kardashian so girls we are a bit too late. As I said one of my weakness is when someone is too adorable and Lamar absolutely is, when he is out of town and doesn’t matter where he is or what time he calls Khloe before he goes to sleep so they could pray together… OMG ! too cute ! Well I don’t want anyone to pray with me(because even I don’t ) but the fact he calls her before he goes to sleep is just way too much to handle.




  1. I love Chuck Bass!! <3


  2. Such dashing picks, Olly seems like the sweetest guy next door, so does Lamar. Not sure about Ed's personality, I would love to see him out of his Chuck Bass persona.

    1. I agree with you ! but I wouldn't mind dating any of them ;D

  3. I am in love here with this post!
    Olly is just the sweetest and I have been "in love " with Chuck Bass forever!

    1. Me too !! Im in love with both of them also :))