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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello dear ! So today It’s been such a fun day ! I spent it mostly with people that I love and can’t imagine my day without them. So it was a lot of laughing, weird conversation, feeling awkward because you realize you have no shame at all and more and more… and wait one more thing-in the morning me and my friend were sitting in front of one guy (around 30 years old) and he was staring all the time with creepy look in his eyes! I was trying to fall asleep but every time I opened my eyes I saw he staring ! and you know how you hope someone will stop watching if you give him a sign that you notice he is staring but I guess that just doesn’t work with that kind of people. So let get to the business babe Winking smile Its my favorite thing to do – showing you my favorite items from my dear sponsors.


top/dress/red purse/heels/flats/necklace/white bag/bracelet/black bag

You can check on their website and take a look on other lovely items they are selling. You have to check it if if you are looking for some lovely evening dresses in many colors(some of them: black evening dresses, pink, purple…  ).

singing it all the time while writing this post so I just had to share it with you ;)

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