Weekly Wish-List #2

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


1. Love this ceiling lamp that looks really expensive but my dear today is your lucky day because this sweetie cost only 69,99$ and you can order it from Amazon.

2. This is just another mug you might say! But nope this is super sweet and extremely big mug prepared for you and yes babe for only you ;) Here comes more…this little thing have different message on other side. I know you want to see it so jump on site by famous brand Blond Amsterdam and order one for you for 11,95$.

3. Yes please ! That’s all I have to say about this little bag ! I just can’t get my eyes off of this print and whole purse. It is a little pricey (250$) but hey babe it’s Rebecca Minkoff !

4. Are you one of those people that enjoys having cute little stuff around themselves all the time ? I mean who doesn’t right ?? Imagine yourself on a lovely Friday evening listening to your favorite singer, bath full of warm water, lights off and candles around you. What are you missing ? (no honey, not the cast of Magic Mike) You are missing something that would smell like sugar cane and vanilla… that is why you need this little bath bomb which is designed as a cupcake. It cost only 10.66$ and you can find it on Etsy.

5. Does happens a lot of times to you that you are thinking: oh shit what would … (some of my idols) do right now? If you do or you just like Gossip Girl like I do, then you have to buy yourself this pack of cute pencils. You get yourself 6 pencils by 8.00$ on Etsy and you can rock this world (or maybe just in your class) !

6. You little geek ! Admit it you could have hundreds of cute notebooks and you would still want few more. To be honest why you wouldn’t want to have one like this ? I can’t see any reason ! If you can then you still need this lovely notebook because that means you have ideas and if you have them you should write them down !Confused ? So am I. It’s easier if you just buy it. On Etsy you will get it for 3.50$.


  1. I love notebooks, everytime I see a new one I want to have it!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

    1. Im the same xD I personally believe that girl can't never have too many notebooks or shoes or bags or.... x)

  2. Te Blair svinčnike sem že gledala in bi jih ful mela :)

    1. ja js tudi ! Sem takoj za da narediva eno hitro naročilce v tej etsy trgovinici :))