New In My Cosmetic Collection- Figs&Rouge CB

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hello dear ;) Right now while I'm writing this post I can smell the most amazing scent for this spring that you can imagine. And guess what is that… Yes you guessed it right hand cream that you can already see on the photo below. When I saw this Figs & Rouge hand cream I fall in love with it immediately because of the packaging but when I smelt it I knew this is something that from now on it’s going to be on my hands 24/7. This one is called Cherry Blossom and although you would think it smells like all those lip balms or creams with cherries in it, this one is completely different. It have this lovely and fresh smell that you just cant get over it (sadly,lol).


When I put it on my hands for the first time I was a bit surprised because it’s not like all the others creams out there actually it gives you feeling like you would put on some liquid (its not ! ) and it’s not oily but still keeps your hands moisturized. I really have no idea how to describe you this so it’s better if you just try it out by yourself !


  1. Sounds good, love the packaging too. :) x


  2. Kok dobr zgleda ta kremica, js bi jo mela že zato, ker je embalaža ful srčkana:)

  3. Hi sweety, I appreciated hearing your feedback on my last post :) This cream sounds heavenly and the packaging is so cute.

  4. love a good smell.
    may just have to try this out.
    just followed ya :)

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