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Saturday, May 18, 2013


What kind of body shape do you have ?

I'm hourglass shaped, in case you don’t know what that is-it means I have large chest, wide hips and well defined waist.

I have a friend that I like and we got in to a big fight (now he is not answering on my texts and whenever I call he doesn’t pick it up ). What should I do ?

Ok, I'm not really sure who’s fault was but that doesn’t even matter right now because it’s not hard to see that he is probably hurt. Apologize girl ! Sometimes just a one word can change everything and that word should be-sorry. And if you like him the way you said you do then go and tell him you can’t spend the day without him. Even if you already did. Sometimes when we get hurt we forget on stuff like that and even if someone told us that hundreds of times before, once we get hurt we think not that just that person doesn’t likes us but also that whole world is against us. So my dear go and text him and tell him you are sorry and that you miss him. Please let me know how it went ;)

Once you get out from high school what you are going to miss ?

High school drama is definitely not one of those.  I'm pretty sure I will miss few of my school mates, just around 3 of them. Because all 3 of them have this special power - they can always make me laugh. But mostly I will miss my best friend because I have no idea how I will be able to spend the day without him. He already said I will have to come to visit him and also Skype is probably going to work like it never did before.

How could you describe your fashion style ?

Well to be honest I buy if it’s cute lol. Most of the items in my wardrobe are full of cute patterns and stuff like that, lots of lace, silk, different materials…

What hair color should I get ?

Haha, well…. I have no idea to be honest because I should at least see your photo or hear a bit about your skin color, natural hair color, face shape and stuff like that. For now I really can’t help you with that. Maybe you should try to get the one like I have-orange ;)

Name 3 bad sides of you!

Jealousy, low self esteem and I can talk way too much. And this reminds me it’s time to finish with this post.


Love you*** xoxo

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  1. This was such a great and interesting Q&A post, it was so nice getting to know more about you.