Day With My Besties

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello boys and girls :) on Friday I spent my day in the capital city of Slovenia-Ljubljana. Me and my friend L. decided to visit it and just enjoy in every single second without worries and without clock (well on the end I was pretty panic because I was scared we are going to miss the train... yes Im that drama queen that everyone hates... but luckily I have a friend L. that is thinking straight and calm). The main reason why we went to Ljubljana was to see the biggest travelling exhibition in the world about Leonardo da Vinci (talking about being a nerd).

                                                    view from the train in the morning

in museum

I spent my day with my two best friends, with one just on the train and with other the rest of my perfect day. So if you are guessing why it was so perfect... We two went to every little store that were just screaming our names because they were was completely in our style. Vintage clothing shops, candles shop, natural cosmetic shops, antiques shop and many many more.

It was great although rain just came out of nowhere and my leopard printed flats were asking for some dryness and not for the city full of puddles...

We were walking from 9 am to 6 pm and sitting on the train for 4 hours so you can imagine every single part of my body was in pain so when I came home I couldn't wait for a good massage.

my friend eating doughnut

saw this on the street and I just had to took photo of it

So go to your closest city and explore ! Take time, walk through it and just enjoy in every second. Enjoy in little things babe ;) love you all*** xoxo


  1. It seems like you really enjoyed it!
    The pink vespa is cute!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. zakon ideja. :))
    prov fino in verjamem, da sta uživali. :D

    1. ja sigurno neki čist tko simple,ampak zabavno !