Weekly Wish-List #1

Monday, May 13, 2013


Famous My Other Bag tote that everyone loves ! Even sisters Kardashian’s are crazy about this ! You can simply get it for only 30$ at myotherbag.com


OMG ! I want this so much !! Its so cheap and you can get it in many different colors ! Buy it for 7,27$ on etsy.com


I'm not a hat person and specially not for hats like this but I think I could give it a try to one like this. Find it for 32$ at whataboutyves.com


I'm in love ! Yes I am ! Because damn it but I would start drinking tea just so I could drink from this beautiful mugs ! Whole set is available for 64$ (which is a bit pricey… I admit it but just take another look at those lovely mugs and ask next question: do you want them ? YESSS!) on lovely e-store korin.com


Any guess what this could be ? It’s a cookie jar ! If that’s not cute than I don’t know what it is !! Find it on thinkgeek.com for 44.99$


You ! Yes you ! Buy me this case ! I just can’t get my eyes off of this. You can order this for ME (yes, don’t forget you are buying this for me) for only 18.61$ on etsy.com


  1. haha this bag is so funny!! :D
    and I want those cups so bad now!!! So sweet!!!
    xoxo from Munich

  2. Hope you will be able to fulfill this wish list !! I acutally really LOVE the bag :) Thanks for sharing ! Please do drop by my blog if you have a chance !


    Cherry ~~

  3. I love the mugs! so so soooo pretty!

  4. Replies
    1. jaaa ! ponavadi so mi takšne čist bedne,to pa bi mogoče celo nosila :D

  5. My Other Tote Bag is just brilliant! It's practican and with a bit of irony...the perfect purse! Caterina

    1. I agree ! and it's not even that expensive :))