Fashion Investigation Agency #4

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The other day a friend of mine stopped me at the train station and asked me for help. She showed me a photo of really cool booties on her cell phone. She mentioned it she found it on Instagram and now she is interested where she can buy them. In the same second I knew this is the time for FIA – Fashion Investigation Agency. Here we go, our search for wanted booties begins here…




It took me awhile to find them but I did although they are a bit pricey. By the way the color is not exact the same but that is what Instagram filters can do ;)ssfashionworld_ss_fashion_world_vlogger_blogger_slovenian_slovenska_youtube_shoes_boots_booties_gems_pricey_ziginyYou can purchase them at for 599.99 $ 


image In case you are more interested in black color I also showed you the black version.

ssfashionworld_ss_fashion_world_vlogger_blogger_slovenian_slovenska_youtube_shoes_boots_booties_gems_pricey_ziginy_black You can purchase them at for 599.99 $