Halloween ??

Sunday, October 27, 2013

hello ladybugs ! This year I decided I'm getting in to some fun costume and show all the girls how to dress for Halloween the right way ;) Just kidding but I really do want to do something about it this year. Hear in my country isn't a tradition to get dress up for this holiday, we actually have another holiday in February when we all dress up and go around the neighborhood and mostly all we get are doughnuts or some fruit and if you knock on the right door even the money. So what should I dress up for this Halloween ?

Ok everyone please help me ! Which one should I choose ? I picked those 4 because I can pretty much create them from what I already have at home. I have a feeling like I’m probably going to choose the last one-Mary Poppins. I think the first version of MP is really adorable and simple to create. What do you think ? Do you have some other idea for me ? Don’t forget I have a red hair so Cinderella probably wouldn't work for me. Please leave in your comments your favorite pick or some other idea ;)


  1. pop art and poison ivy really rock it. you should go for one of them!

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    love xx
    &enjoy halloween! x