Sunday, October 20, 2013


Here I’m sharing some of my advices how to test a guy to see if he is interested in you. I tried this several times already and every time it worked (yay for me) but I have a problem when I find out that a guy likes me – I run away lol xD but about that some other time ;)



One of the easiest way to try. When you are sitting together next to each other, make sure some part of your body (like knee, hand or arm) somehow touches his. Don’t put your hand directly on his hand, if you are not sure whether he is interested or not, but simply put it next to his. If he moves it away from you than he is probably not that interested (keep in your mind! : there are still chances he likes you but he moved away from you for some other reason). If he just stayed in the same position or even if he moved closer to you, well that my dear is the best sign ;)



Everyone responds on different comments on their own way but there are few simple things you can notice. If you say to him you miss him and he is not saying back to you that he misses you too, than you should take this as a note. Give a guy opportunity to compliment you and if he takes it, then you can take this as a very good sign. Men can be shy sometimes, but if you push him and trying to help him and he doesn’t flirt then you should maybe think about getting a new crush.



Probably one of the best things is if you catch a guy looking at your eyes (and not boobs!!!) but if he doesn’t do it on his own then you should test him. Look at his eyes and be careful how long does it takes until he move his eyes somewhere else.  If you two lovebirds were watching into each other eyes for longer time (important: we are talking here in seconds and not hours ) that can only means one-there are some sparkles going on. Be careful with this ! Make sure you don?t scare the shit out of him with creeping if you watch too long.



Let’s be honest, you are already one of the hottest girls out there but still he might be interested in someone else. Mention some other girl and watch his response. If he doesn't care about others and just wants to continue the convo between you two, that’s a good thing. If he starts talking about a girl he likes (and you realize he is not talking about you)m then just simply accept it and don’t show him how upset you are.



Darling that doesn’t mean you should ask him about babies names (although let’s admit it, we all already know what our baby girl/boy is going to be named). mention that you two should go to the cinema or to visit some concert and if he mentions this in the next few days, that simply means he likes hanging out with you and would love to spend some extra hours with the girl he obviously likes (let’s hope he is not inviting you on a concert because you already have tickets and he just wants them to get for free).



When I said bad boys right now, I had in mind boys that treated you like a shit and not bad boys in the way of John Travolta in Grease. Tell him honestly what you experienced and how things are going on with other guys. If he responds protective over you and tells you that you deserve better, that’s a really good sign. Even better indicator is if he turns out jealous.



I know this sounds scary and you have to be really really brave to ask a guy if he likes you, but this is the best way to find out the true answer! Also you have to be careful with this because some guys might answer you this way: ‘I like you as a friend’. Well hello friend zone !! Right ? We all hate when we get friendzoned but it is what it is. Good thing is that when a guy puts you in a friendzone he can also take you out from it very fast. We girls are actually pretty different when it comes to this, once when we put a guy in a friend zone he also usually stays there forever. Be careful !


Always pay attention to whatever he says or does and that is the best way to find out. Guys can be very tricky but always remember how harder is to boys because we girls are even harder to read although we think we are simple creatures. Have a wonderful day and have a crush on someone ;)