Hello November

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello November. Colder days are coming and I am looking on the streets to the people, all happy that is finally normal to take out their scarfes and gloves. A year ago by this time we already had a snow here in Slovenia but this year everything is different and if you ask me much better. I love warm days although today it's a Monday (is it really? Let me check my calendar...yep it's Mon.) and we all know how Mondays effects us and our mood. In my clasroom there is a one girl that was my classmate already from highschool, so we can say I know her pretty well by now and she is one of those people that they act like every day is a Monday to them. Can you follow me ? She is always acting and holding her body like she just lost all of her money she won on lottery(btw she is probably not even playing lottery) and damn how much I hate that. Whenever I see her I always punch her a bit in the arm (seriously! Just a bit) so she would woke up but no help for her. Don't you agree that this kind of people actually suck out all of your positive energy ? Just by loooking at them ! It's awful how much other people's energy can effect on you. Better thing to do is to watch and admire people that inspires you and makes you feel alive and happy. I seriously want to find my inspiration in everything and enjoy in it. For example! Look at the photo below. I took it and also I put those words over it. You would say nothing special but to me it's really adorable and it absolutly inspires me to take more photos and enjoy in exploring the world in simple things-just like leaves.



  1. I don't bother with people that have negative energy.
    I just stay away of them and don't care at all!
    Nice photo with the leave!
    Happy November!
    Wanted to ask you will you make more youtube videos? I missed them!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. If you can just move away from them that's good but sometimes you have to stay with them if they are for example in your class or something similar. Happy November to you too dear:)
    oh my I really want to make more and this really touched my heart that someone was actually watching them. I stopped because I had a lot of stuff going on and then somehow I just didn't return back to it. I hope I will start asap all over again ;)