Porcelain and not pale !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

photo 2

I took this photo couple of days ago for Instagram and wrote below something like ‘what do you think which egg would be mine if I would be a chicken ?’. I was preparing dinner for me and my sisi and when I opened the box of eggs and saw the one that is really popping out from the rest of them. The egg was super white, while the rest were “normal”. When I saw it I realized it how much it matches my skin tone and how different it is from others. My whole life my skin was extremely white or should I say pale? Do I like that ? No, but to be honest there is nothing I can do to change that. I hate people who think that the fact they are constantly commenting my skin isn’t hurting me! It’s not like I am enjoying being this way but I am getting used to it and proud about it because no matter what anyone says, I think my skin color is beautiful, just like every other. A lot of people are trying to be smart and keep telling me stupid stories about how I should spend more time outside on the sun but more often I keep explaining to everyone how my skin never gets darker, but just red and sunburned, more stupid I feel to keep saying this. Not to mention that I have skin cancer in family and this way the possibility to get it, gets just higher.

So my skin is not pale but it’s beautiful, healthy, special and I am going to call it porcelain skin!


  1. porcelain skin indeed. I agree. :)

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  2. Lep post:) Tudi jaz poznam ljudi, ki ti govorijo, da zakaj ne greš na sonce, kako blede noge imaš. Pač vsi nočemo biti "popečeni" :)

  3. True hun, you have beautifully pale porcelain skin, you were lucky enough to be born with it and its great that you have embraced it too.

  4. I love the porcelain skin, its my type too :)