Wednesday, April 8, 2015

//FRESH FLOWERS ON THE TABLE// – Flowers bring nature and positivity in to the house. I remember when you were able to see a bouquet of bought flowers only at rich people houses. If you have ever watched any of Nate Berkus shows you could see see how he always adds fresh flowers in to a home. Tulips are one of my favorite choices and you can get them almost everywhere for a really good price.
//BREAKFAST// – I’m pretty sure there is not a lot of people who would say a breakfast is their favorite meal but there should be a exceptions everywhere. My favorite moments are when my family is not in the house so I can walk around half naked in a night shirt, sun is shining inside through the windows and I can dance around the kitchen while I’m preparing breakfast. It makes me feel like in a movie, probably a rom com lol. Note: Freshly squeezed orange juice and a glass of cold milk is a must!
//MOVIES TO WATCH LIST// – Call me a weirdo but I just love updating my list of movies I have to watch. My list is already super long so I’m just waiting for someone to join me on my movie tour. I put movies on list for the times when I am stuck without any ideas. Also I hate to do things everyone else do, so when it comes to movies I like to wait until everybody forgets about it. To watch 50 Shades of Gray I’ll probably wait for another few months or maybe even years. I simply don’t like being basic. That’s why it’s important to keep lists! (Update: post was published in 2015. Now it's 2018 and I still haven't seen any of the 50 Shades of Gray movies.)
//SITTING ON THE BAR TERRACE IN SPRING// – There is no better feeling than sitting on a terrace, drinking lemonade, eating a coconut cake, watching people passing by and us gossiping about them. I’m in love with that scene and it makes me fulfilled. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not the gossiping that makes me feel so good but the spring sun that shines and keeps me warm.