Hi guys :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I absolutely did NOT relax during this weekend... On Friday, after school, I went to cinema to finally watch Twilight-Breaking dawn.  After watching it, I told my sister, that every pregnant women should watch this movie, LOL. On Saturday I went for a little shopping with my dear friend and her brother (btw:he was soooo mad on us, because we spend too much time in stores (: ) and I bought to myself few so cute thing to wear, soon Ill share them with you :) Around 9pm we went out and had crazy night ! And today ? studying,studying and more studying. And did I learn something ? Nope xD

You know what ????
YES !!! I just cant wait :D Im super exciting about it !!!! And I will absolutely share with you my birthday gifts, but probably I will show photos after Christmas, so I will post about gifts from my birthday and Christmas.
So I was thinking, if I should post about something really special on my birthday, and I cant decide, so Im asking you for help :)
Could you please help me, by choosing title of post, that you want most to see on my blog. 

About what, should I post in my birthday special post ?
 My room tour
 Whats in my purse
 About me (plus photo of me)
 Spend a day with me
 My jewelry collection
 Something else

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  1. I prefer blogs with the personal style/taste of the owner!
    Happy early birthday!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. I just voted 'about you' because I love to reading 'about me' posts :-)