E.L.F. products review

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you watched my little short video, you probably heard me saying, that me and my sister made really cool purchase at ELF. So today Ill show you just a few of my favorite products reviews. All photos were taken by me, only first two were taken by my sister.

Photo made before opening packages :)

And when we put all together:

1. BRONZER: I have porcelain skin color, so I always had problems with finding right bronzer, that would fit my skin tone. And then I decide to buy it online at ELF. I chose bronzer in warm shade, and I love it :) 

2. EYEBROW KIT: As I said before, my skin is very light, so I was also in doubt, with buying this kit. And then I finally buy it. And now Im using it every single day. I chose it in light color.

3.EYEBROW STENCIL KIT: This kit contains 4 different reusable stencils. I haven't tried it yet, but I cant wait to finally do it.

4. SHIMMER EYELINER PENCIL: This pencil contains shimmer in it and I bought it in black. What I like about it, that you get sharpener with it.

5. DAY TO NIGHT BEAUTY-ON-THE-GO : You got 2 palettes (Night on the Town and Day at the Beach) and one compact with mirror for portable beauty. Both palettes together includes 20 eyeshadows, 4 lip-glosses and 2 blushes. I don't really like the whole thing, because is not practical for having it at home, because when one palette is in his plastic case, where should I put another one ?  But honestly,  I just love those eyeshadow ! They are really long-lasting !

6. BRUSHES: I also wanted to tried ELF brushes and I think they are pretty good for that price. By those three (below) my favorite is concealer brush, because its really gentle and nice. 

Upsss.... You know what ? I forgot to make photos of my favorite lipsticks and their reviews. Im so sorry guys, but I promise you Ill post them very soon (:

P.S. : Tomorrow or as in my country already today (its 01:15 in the morning or should I say at night), so Im talking about Thursday.... I will change my hair into red/orange, Im so excited and so freaking out, because I think Im not enough brave to do this. Don't worry, Ill post photos before and after, so you will be able to see if there is any change :)


  1. oh you bought a lot of things :)


  2. yay I love all your purchases! :)))

    be brave girl! can't wait to see your new hair color:)

  3. I love elf products, they're actually very good and so cheap!!


  4. Hi dear, Wishing you a fantastic New Years, may 2012 bring you lots of luck, love, success and happiness. May you continue to entertain us with your fabulous blog next year!
    Luv, Sam

  5. Lookslike good make up! :) I wish you a happy new year!