Can't wait until my birthday

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes, Im still exciting about my birthday !!!!! I cant believe it, that Im finally going to be seventeen !!!! But, you know what, I have a flu !! I hate it ! I hope Ill get better until Saturday (:

Look I took photo yesterday at evening, with my iPad 2 ....

Can you see who is on it ? Its Luna :) As I already told you, I took this photo at evening, that is why its not so clear one, but I think it will work ;)

Im still asking you for your help about my special birthday post. So what do you think should I post about on my special day ? 

About what, should I post in my birthday special post ?
 My room tour
 Whats in my purse
 About me (plus photo of me)
 Spend a day with me
 My jewelry collection
 Something else free polls 



  1. Hope you are better soon!Your dog is socute:)

  2. get better soon, happy early birthday!

  3. i voted :)

    join my giveaway :*

  4. your doggie is a cutie hehe. So warm too lol.

    Get well soon <3


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