Tell me more about yourself award

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hi everyone ;) I received this award two week ago. But as I told you I was having problems with internet, but now that problem is solved. And now I need to present you award I received :)
Unique Moroccan Girl choose me for a person who will receive this award and Im very thankful to her, because she knows how much receiving award means to me :)

And the rules for this award are:
Say thank you with a post linking
- Write 7 things about yourself
- Rental presented the award to 15 other blogs
- Inform them about it

7 things about me :
1. my hair color perfectly matching color of my eyes (brown) 
2. my room is smaller, than the room of my dog (LOL) (actually Luna(dog) is sleeping in my sisters craft room, which is bigger than my room)
3. my natural hair color is just a one shade lighter than my colored hair color 
4. 99 % percent of my friends don't know Im writing a blog
5. lately Im obsessed with Twitter and twitting 
6. Im really bad in cooking... (but really really bad)
7. I hate school ! What can I do, it comes naturally....

15 blogs Im giving this award to....


  1. Oh thanks a lot! I am honored! Your room is smaller than your dog's one? Hahaha! You are great!

  2. thanks so much! i will pass it on soon! :)

    Meena ♥

  3. Thanks for giving me this award. I appreciate it. :)

  4. aww thanks a lot sweety ♥ you're so kind to me , and im sorry late to reply your comment :( im so busy ,so i dont have time to blogging . but thank you soo much for this award :)
    LOVE LOVE :)