Thursday, September 15, 2011

I know I promise you this long time ago… But honestly first I didn’t had time and then I lost the connection with internet (and still don’t have it).

So this is the part one, so after I take photos of the rest of the products you will be able to see all of themSmile but until then I'm going to show you first 3 products.

**NOTE: Photos are taken on my hand.**

This is the Hypershine Gloss and the color is honey.DSC09873


On every picture is the same lip-gloss, but I took more photos so you can really see how it looks like. On first you can see the real color, on second one you can see the real shine and on the third one you can see the sparkles in it.


This is Luscious Liquid Lipstick and color of it is called Perfect PinkDSC09860DSC09863DSC09865DSC09867DSC09870

And the last but not the least (today) is this All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade shade. For all of you that doesn’t now what is this product for – you can use it as a blush, lipstick, eye shadow or anything else you want.  As you can see the writing on it is already almost gone and this is what I don’t like about this product. Another thing I don’t like about that is the color, because is too strong for my porcelain skin color (but I guess that is my problem in choosing wrong color). I totally forgot to take a photo how does this looks on skin and I'm really sorry, but next time Ill put it in Smile




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