10 things women wish men knew

Thursday, September 29, 2011

1. What We Wish He Knew
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we really do like nice guys. In other words, don’t be an asshole.  We really don’t like them and we never will. This goes for playing games too. Don’t even waste our time or yours.
2. What We Wish He Knew
Be a gentleman!!!! That means pick us up on a date, come to our door, open the car door, hold open any/all doors, pull our seat out, pour our glass of wine first, etc. Prove to us that chivalry didn’t die with our parents’ generation.
3. What We Wish He Knew
You are the men ! But in this case, that means you should ask us out ! Don’t wait that we would do it, because most of us wont ! If you see that girl is trying to be everywhere where you are, then in 99 % she is in love with you. Don’t be afraid, just ask a girl out ! Even if you don’t know, even her name!
4. What We Wish He Knew
Make a plan! We like a man who takes charge. End of story.
5. What We Wish He Knew
Gifts don't always have to be fancy schmancy. Sometimes, a simple card that shows you didn't forget the occasion means more than anything materialistic. It’s not what you spend-- it’s the meaning behind it. Let us repeat: we really do love the little things you do for us!
6. What We Wish He Knew
Compliment us. Yes, you heard us right. Telling us we are pretty, hot, beautiful, etc. will never do any harm for either party involved. Thanks in advance.
7. What We Wish He Knew
But remember communication goes a long way. If you’re having a bad day or upset about something TELL US. Women are nurturers by nature so if you need to vent or just need space let us know. You’ll be surprised by how understanding we can be but take it out on us -- and you’ll have another problem to add to your list.
8. What We Wish He Knew
When you ask us if something’s wrong and we say “nothing” you better believe it’s not nothing. There is something wrong. We’re just waiting for you to figure out what it is without us having to tell you.
9. What We Wish He Knew
Yes, it bothers us when you check out, comment, or drool over another women. It’s not because we’re insecure but we put effort into how we look for you. We want it to be appreciated. Besides, it’s just rude. Have some manners and show respect.
10. What We Wish He Knew
Confidence is more attractive than good looks but being overly cocky is a total turn-off. It’ll send our douche meter sky-rocketing.


  1. This is a really great post - I especially love the part about when 'Boys Become Men.' That is absolutely perfect!