The Saturday Daybook

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Date... 26. 03.2011
Starting time... 22:54
Mood... happy
Outside my window..... night (like always when Im writing this)
I'm thinking ..... about Monday -.-
I'm currently reading...... teenage magazine OK !
I'm listening to..... TV, Its not really a music on it, but its movie
I'm looking forward to..... meet my friend 
Yesterday, I..... was laughing whole day, LOL
The song stuck inside my head is...... Never forget you by Noisettes (look at the bottom, where you can listen and watch it)
This week I spend money on..... on my earrings stand and fake eyelashes :)
Unknown person that I remembered from this week ..... Men (stranger) who was sitting next to me on the train, and whole time he was talking to me like he knows me for years. He was talking about what he bought in the store, about people....
What time did you get up this morning ? At 9:00
Who was the last person I called (phone) ? My dad :)
Last movie I were watching... was The good witch's garden (it was on TV)
Quote... It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone - so far.
Marilyn Monroe
Tomorrow..... not sure yet 
Ending time....... 23:10

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