The Saturday Daybook

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Date... 19. 03.2011
Starting time...22:35
Mood... cool
Outside my window..... night

I'm thinking ..... about watching Glee, I cant decide
I'm currently reading...... some book about women's rights
I'm listening to..... some music on my new TV
I'm looking forward to..... watch Never say never  
I'm hoping...... something good would come on TV
Yesterday, I..... did school, been in cinema (
Morning glory), been in shopping, and in McDonald's 
The song stuck inside my head is...... Mine by Taylor Swift
This week I spend money on..... not on so much stuff
Unknown person that I remembered from this week ..... One girl sitting next to me on train, she is probably the same age as me, and she was reading some spanish book and having lollipop

 What time did you get up this morning ? At 7:30, my dog Luna wake me up -.-
 Who was the last person I called (phone) ? I think my sister
What was the last thing I said ? I think it was Goodnight, because my family is sleeping now, so I need to said that
Tomorrow..... prepared myself and everything for Monday and for school
Ending time....... 23:06

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