The Saturday Daybook

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I found something similar like this, on one blog, so I think that is a good idea. So every Saturday I will answer on this few questions and I hope you will enjoy in it :)

Date... March 12, 2011
Starting time...23:47
Mood... tired and try to fast write this before its Sunday, hh
Outside my window.....
dark night (scary- NOT )
I'm thinking ..... about next post, and what should I do tomorrow
I'm currently reading...... hmm... I'm not really the book person, but I must read one book about suicides (school project)
I'm listening to..... some boring old Slovenian music on radio
I'm wearing..... orange pajama with apples on it, LOL
I'm looking forward to..... getting lipsticks from Oriflame
I'm hoping...... I will write this post today LOL
Yesterday, I..... did school, went on pizza, and visit one new shopping center in town where I'm visiting my high school
I'm hungry for...... strawberry's (LOVE THEM)
The song stuck inside my head is...... When you're gone by Bryan Adams
I'm sitting on..... couch, hh
Things around me...... magazine, my phone, some dog toys, roses in vase (get them on 8.3.)
This week I spend money on..... really not a lot, just  some gifts, nail polishes, 2 lipsticks, seven pairs of earrings, some hair accessories 
Unknown person that I remembered from this week ..... Some crazy girl with crazy accent. And I remembered her because she had so much luggage when she went on train.
Tomorrow..... I MUST STUDY!! and probably take a little walk with my neighbor K.
Ending time....... 00:16 (Sunday) as you can see I didn't make it, but next time this everything will absolutely go faster, so I'm pretty sure this is my first and last name I was too late with posting The Saturday Daybook. I'm probably going to change some questions and add more of them, if you have some ideas for questions, please tell me :) 

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