Finally Back !

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello my dear . You probably realized that I was gone since I was not posting anything for a one whole week ! The last weekend I was actually spending it at my friend’s house and then on Monday I got really really sick. I was just planning to make a video for my youtube channel when suddenly I was starting to feel a bit weird. I thought it’s just a little nausea that will go away in few minutes. I didn’t want to took a nap because I knew I have some work to do but then I started to feeling so bad that I just had to lie on the bed. I didn’t even realized that I felt a sleep and in one second I just woke up and starting to running to the bathroom and that’s when I knew it’s serious because I started to vomit. I’m one of those that vomits only when it’s really serious situation and I hate to vomit so much because when I do my whole body is in such a pain that I cry while I vomit. It’s awful. Then I decided to go back to bed with a thought that this is over because you know how usually is-after you vomit, you get better. But not this time. One hour later one more time. And then with a half of hour break. Every half of hour I was vomiting. On the end there was just water going out. I had high temperature and I was so dehydrated that I wasn’t even able to speak. I wanted to drink water but whenever I did, few minutes later it all came out again. 12 hours later, around 3 am in the morning I realized it’s getting better so I was finally able to take some rest. When I wake up 4 hours later I realized I’m not able to walk. My energy was so low and I didn’t even want to think about food. For the next two days I wasn’t eating and I still had temperature that was going up and down every little while. Then I got better and now I’m here. Those were probably one of my worst days until now but I got through it ! I’m back full of energy and full of positive vibe ;)



  1. Oh so bad that you went through this awful situation.
    It's nice that you feel better now.
    Take care!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

    1. Thanks darling ! Yes now Im all crazy and stuff :)

  2. To je res grozno, meni se je enkrat isto zgodilo samo ni šlo na boljše in sem končala v bolnici :/ Upam da se zdaj bolje počutiš in si ok :)

    1. a res ? ajoj :( pa so ti odkrili kaj je bilo ?
      ja zdaj sem čist ok :) hvala**

  3. Hi dear :)
    thank you so much for visiting me and your nice comment <3
    xoxo from Munich