Spela’s Favorite Apps

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello dolls :) Today I’m sharing with you few of my my favorite apps (iPhone&iPad). Few of those that I just can’t imagine my phone or tablet without. Order of the apps below is random and not based by how much I like them. 

1. BLOGSY ($4.99) ⇦ (by clicking on the titles you will be directed to the app store)


This is app that absolutely saved me from i-am-not-blogging-because-i-do-not-feel-like-sitting-in-front-of-computer mood.  It’s really easy to use and must have for every blogger ! You can write posts, edit them, save drafts and publish it. Basically everything you need is in this app. The only thing I’m missing about it is that you can’t moderate comments.

2. PAPER (free)


Basically its a drawing app where you have few different brushes and colors you can use. It’s such a cool app for all of those with a bit of artist in themselves. I’m using it when I'm bored or when I want to surprise someone with cute drawing. Absolute minus is the fact that you have to pay extra bonus to get more brushes. Btw this app got an award as app of the year 2012.

3. SNAPSEED (free)


Every single photo that comes on my iPhone or iPad goes through this app where I make sure that I get the best of it. To me this is absolutely the number one ! I love it and I can’t even imagine what would I do without it. It’s really simple to use and you will fall in love with it in a sec ! Want to hear one more cool thing about it ? It’s free !

4. INSTAGRAM (free)



I think there is no need for special explanation about this app because I’m pretty sure you all know what it is. Its pretty much like Twitter just that here you can post just photos and videos. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

5. MAILBOX (free)


If you are having problems with being organized as much as I do and especially if you have more than just one email account this is the app for you. You’re going to love it ! It’s really simple to use and it helps you organize your emails and put them where they supposed to be.


  1. Replies
    1. I agree! I'm too much obsessed with it xd

  2. oh, I've been looking for something like blogsy - definitely great if you're on the go.
    Paper is great fun! :) xx

  3. i didn't know about some of these, but i need to check them out!great post!


  4. Blogsy sounds great, I will check it out later! :)
    I like Instagram a lot, but their customer service sucks! I have been trying to contact them for 3 times already, but they haven't given any kind of an answer, so I am pretty much frustrated with them!


  5. It would have been really helpful if you could have added the App Store links along with these kind of posts. Just a suggestion :)

    1. thank you dear for leaving a comment but you probably missed it that links are already in the post :) all you have to do is to click on the title of the app. have a lovely day xoxo

    2. Sorry, my mistake. I tried clicking on the App images earlier, but not on the App title. Anyway, best of luck.

  6. nice, thanks for sharing! xx


  7. Seems like very nice apps!