Babe Let Me Dress You

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I was just talking with my girl friend how easy is for guys to get dressed good ! Just by following few simply rules they can get dressed really well and make girls go wow over them. I'm absolutely one of those girls that is falling for guys with a good style. You can get me in few seconds just by choosing right clothing for you darling ;) I just realized how f****** easy I am if a guy can get me that fast. I wish I could dress up my boyfriend (that I don't even have) ! Yep that would be a dream coming true ! As I said before: it's really not too hard that much to dress up good if you are a guy but if you want to go a step further you can try by adding some cool patterns in your outfit or just with a dash of bright color. So easy babe ;) Below you can see photos that you can use as inspiration for your outfit. You will thank me later when girls starts to run behide you to catch you ;)

And my girls: I think you can agree with me that those boys look smoking hot ! See !!! That's what a good outfit can do ;)


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