Tuesday, September 8, 2015

pancake healthy diet food recipe

pancake palacinke recept healthy diet food recipe
There is nothing better than easy and fast recipes you can make out of ingredients you already have in your home. I am not a huge fan of pancakes, but when I tried this recipe I was in love. This was not the first time I tried to make healthy pancakes, but the last time I did, they ended up in the trash. This is something I do when I am feeling fat (we all have those days, right? Please tell me I am not the only one) and too lazy to do any kind of activity that involves sweating or simply moving. Now when all bananas and eggs are gone in my kitchen I have time to share this recipe with you. I love it, healthy and gluten free dessert ! Now you try it and let me know. 
pancake healthy diet food recipe

// 2 eggs
// 1 banana

optionally (for better taste):
// 1/4 tbps cinnamon powder
// 1/4 tbps vanilla

1.  mash ripe banana with fork and add in whisk eggs. Stir until eggs and banana are completely combined. Add cinnamon powder and vanilla extract
2.  to prevent sticking melt a little butter or warm vegetable oil in the pan
3.  drop 2 tablespoons of batter on pan and bake on each side for about a minute
4.  decorate with fruit and enjoy ! 

// 2 jajci
// 1 banana

za boljši okus palačink dodamo:
// 1/4 žličke cimeta v prah
// 1/4 žlička vaniljeve arome 

1. banano zmečkamo z vilico in ji primešamo jajci. Sestavini mešamo dokler se popolnoma ne povežeta. Zmesi dodamo cimet in vaniljo
2.  na vročo ponev pristavimo maslo oz. olje in s tem preprečimo prijemanje palačink 
3.  na segreto ponev nalijemo maso (približno 2 žlici) in palačinko pečemo 1 minuto na vsaki strani 
4.  okrasimo s sadjem in uživamo !

pancake healthy diet food recipe


  1. These look delicious and healthy, thanks for this awesome recipe!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. Amazing and delicious !
    Kisses and have a lovely Sunday ;)

  3. Delicious!!! I love the pancakes!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. Huuum ! It seems so good !


  5. Tudi sama sem že večkrat naredila te palačinke in so res super. Nisem se pa spomnila da bi jih kombinirala s figami tako da bom to naslednjič definitivno preizkusila :)


  6. I have to try this recipe!! how healthy!

  7. Hello beauty, how are you ?
    Kisses and see you soon for your next post :)

  8. I love banana pancakes! They take forever to make if you don't want to mess it up, but it's so worth it ;) Can you imagine I've never eaten figs though?

  9. Thank you so much Dainté! :D I still have some more summer looks left to show you, you'll be seeing the in the coming days and in a few hours, new "new ins" post! ;) Moreover, that recipe looks so tasty! :d and the pictures are very cute! :)

    Have a nice weekend! Kisses.

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥