Saturday, June 6, 2015


VSCO (free) - since I use my phone for taking my blog photos I like having fun with simple apps when it comes to editing. App allows me to use a huge variety of filters and other editing tools. App is simple to use and I like that because I don't get disturbed by 179 of stickers, tools, fonts, etc… Filters in app gives this mysterious touch to my photos and make them look  a bit more professional even if it's a picture of my freckled-no-makeup face. 
STEPS (free) - I hate when one of the first questions a guy asks me is: "do you do any sports?" . My answer is always the same: "do I look like I do ?" . Seriously my boobs, muffin top and my inner thighs says it all. I feel like they are trying to make fun of me when they ask me about sport. I think you got the point and you understand how much I hate doing anything that includes sweat and my boobs bouncing. But I do love shopping and I don't mind walking for 12 hours around shopping center. I often wonder how much km I have done by shopping that's why I love this app. It counts your every single step and shows you the distance you made in a day by walking. If you upgrade it, it also count how many calories you've lost. 
RHONNA ($1.99) -  super adorable app to create decorative images. Great one for adding premade quotes, designs, and a variety of fonts. I don't use filters in app but I do love mask feature which offers you to cut out words or designs out of your photos. 
FITBAY (free)  - i love searching for new fashion bloggers and getting inspired by their outfits but what I don't like is the fact I can't wear the same stuff as size zero type of girls. This app allows me to find exactly what I was looking for all this years. When you start an app you have to leave your weight and height information so the app can find your bodies matches-girls that have the same measurements as you do.


  1. thanks for sharing your top picks! I wanna check out steps :)

  2. Such a lovely lovely photos!
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  3. Great inspiration, Ill check them out!
    I like your blog!
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    Fashion PARIS

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