Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm a living mess at this moment of my life. Finals are here and I'm trying to pass all of them in one month. Passing all exams in one month means I have 3 per week, and I believe it's completely unnecessary to mention I am slowly losing my mind not to mention it’s the first week. As you already know I am an awful perfectionist and if something it's not done 150 % then it is not done. The other day I received a package from one of my lovely sponsors (review coming soon) what reminded me of what is really important. That is why I'm sitting in front of my computer writing blog post instead of studying for my exam which is in 3 hours (say what?!).  There is no bigger reward for my work then receiving lovely emails and comments from my readers and sponsors. I guess I'm getting way too emotional and cheesy right now but my PMS sometimes wants to speak instead of me. Well let's get back to business. Summer, finals and stressful way of living is the worst combination and my body keeps showing me that through headaches, pimples, stomach aches... What helps me a lot is carrying a bottle of cold water with me anywhere I go to keep my body hydrated as much as possible. I am not planning on telling you a bunch of info about how water is good for your body because you already know that. Instead of trying to be a smart ass, I am sharing with you a recipe for infused water. A simple recipe for water with the most refreshing and calming taste.


// jar of water
// 1 lemon
// 4 mint leaves

1.  Put a sliced lemon in a jar or a glass
2.  Pour a cold water over lemon
3.  Add mint leaves
4.  Leave it in the refrigerator for two hours
5.  Enjoy ! 


// večji kozarec vode ali vrč
// 1 limona
// 4 metini lističi

1.  Limono narežemo na tanke rezine in jo damo v kozarec
2.  Kozarec napolnimo z mrzlo vodo
3.  Dodamo meto
4.  Pustimo minimalno 2 uri v hladnilniku
5.  Uživaj xoxo


  1. Srećno! Znam kako je ali proći će i to pa se posle nećeš ni sećati ;)
    Ja sam neko koga stalno treba podsećati da pije vodu a limun mi dosta pomaže jer ukus sto puta lepši, plus je zdravo ;) Probaću i ovaj tvoj recept sa mentom :)

  2. I love a detox water! looks delicious and the perfect beverage for a hot summer day!

  3. Wow delicious!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. I have to do it!
    Yo have a fantastic blog dear! I like it so much:) Follow each other?
    Have a nice week,

  5. wow.. this is crazy cool :D

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my previous post.

    My New post is up :D Sunny in Central Park

    Follow me on Google Plus & I'll follow back :)


  6. i can definitely relate to being a living mess right now, haha. good luck with your exams! and i've been thinking of trying infused waters as i don't like water and should drink more of it haha. this looks nice! x

  7. To morem se poskusit je ma mojem summer to do listu ze celo vecnost. Drugac pa mal se potrpi uq izpite ce jih se imas se splaca! ♡

  8. Great Idea! Wonderful Photos ,great Work Dainté <3


  9. it seems to be good :D I must try !

  10. That looks so good! A lot more fun than just plain old water. Good luck with your exams!


  11. Joj ovo s ispitima te potpuno razumijem. I ja sam perfekcionist i zelim dati sve od sebe, ma koji god ispit bio... tijelo uvijek daje znakove kad pretjeram i moram reci otkad slusam svoje unutarnje impulse, puno mi je lakse uskladiti se s odlukama, a time i shvatiti sto mi pojedina emocija porucuje...
    ovaj receptic ti je super! Big kiss

  12. I must try it ! Good luck for your exams :)