Thursday, November 20, 2014


I still remember the moment when I bought my first clutch. It was the moment when I realized I want to be a fancy girl dressed up in a dress, holding a clutch in one hand and cocktail in the other. I’m still using that clutch because is timeless and elegant. Now I own more than 20 different clutches and the one you can see above is just one of them. Here is the list of items I can’t leave the house without when I am going on a party.



//lipstick//lip balm//mascara//nude eye pencil//

I hate bringing any make up with me but if I’m having any kind of bold color lips l then I have to carry a lipstick with me. One of my absolute favorite red lipsticks is the one you can see above by Kardashian Beauty because it stays on for entire night. Lip balm should absolutely be your best friend if you are planning to hook up with a guy or two. Girls remember that the worst thing is the feeling of a chapped lips while you are making out. I don’t carry eye products often with me but sometimes my eyelashes get straight through the night and make my eyes look tired-mascara and nude eye pencil are the solution. Nude pencil can also be used to make my lips look fuller or as a highlighter under eyes.



I believe in good perfumes. I mentioned this over 500x times and I still think the same way. I get attracted to people by the way their perfume smells and I can not lie. But perfume doesn’t mean a thing if I can smell your sweat from being on the other side of the club. Usually clubs are full of people and reflectors which is the reason why the whole room can get heated up really fast. That’s why it’s super important to bring my deodorant with me and not just to use it before I leave the house. As Brett Davern says: “Breath mints and a chapstick are a key if you want to have a good kiss”. But I would also like to add that even if I am not planning to kiss anyone, I am always bringing chewing gums or mints with me because there is always someone begging for it.



I am expensive drinker and that’s why I don’t want others to buy me drinks, so a wallet is absolutely the must have for me. I always bring all my documents with me and I’ll never understand folks who go out without their health insurance card or identity document. I can’t even number how many times I’ve came in to a ladies room in the club and they ran out of the toilet paper and the tissues always saved my life and my OCD problem.


  1. Nice post! You carry many cute things in your bag! :D

    1. haha :D thanks sweetie :D I feel cute if I am carrying cute stuff with me :D

  2. So cool! You have amazing products! =D

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  3. Beautiful post, really interesting!
    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. I'm glad you liked it :) you too sweetie ;)

  4. You are well equiped for each party!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  5. Great post, love your pink clutch.

  6. Looks like you're prepared for everything :) I couldn't possibly fit all that into my clutch, so it's usually only my phone and and eye pencil, the rest goes into my husband pockets... his turn to carry all the stuff haha :D

    Bella Pummarola

    1. haha ! well you are a lucky girl to have such a great hubby ;D I have to carry all by myself because I'm single :D

  7. nice selection of essential! :) the wallet is super cute. x