Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I believe in cute little parties with cupcakes and macaroons, drinking pink lemonade out of mason jars while listening to Taylor Swift and wearing sequined top with pink tutu. I also believe in giving gifts, like Kate Spade bracelets and other cute products. I think it would be really cool if we would bring small cute gifts every single time we come in to a visit to someone. Here is my list of items you can always bring me because I always need them. That’s how simple it is ! I just need them ;)

Lip products

A girl can never have too many lip products, whether that’s a lip gloss or a lip balm, girl just needs it. I like to make my lips extremely sweet by taste and soft by touch so the kisses I give are always unforgettable. I personally do a lip treatment (from lip scrubbing to lip plumping) once a week just to keep them healthy and kissable. One of my favorite thing to give to a friend is a lip scrub just because a lot of girls want them but they never actually buy it because they think it’s a waste of money, well until they see how soft their lips can get. One of my favorite is Bubble Gum lip scrub by Lush.



I think you just can’t go wrong with candles. Of course I have scented candles in mind because otherwise I don’t see a reason why would anyone want them. Basically almost every scent would work, although I don’t know why but they are making awful chocolate scented candles, so don’t buy that. Nowadays you can buy any kinds of candles, from candles with scent of a “love between a unicorn and a mermaid after they kissed” to “scent of a pride when you found out your ex is dating a girl that is 10 times uglier than you and you just hooked up with Ryan Gosling lookalike guy” candle (btw don’t Google those candles because I made them up). Yankee Candle is the winner in this game because they mix together heaven, love, dreams and put it in to a candle. Note for girls: Even boys like candles, they just won’t admit it because they think it’s a girly thing.


Bath Bombs

Every weekend I dream about time only for myself. All alone in the house, watching movies, taking long baths, singing and dancing to Abba songs and just enjoying in life. No regrets and no worries. What is a better way to get a rich b*** kind of feeling than throwing a colored and scented bomb in to your bath. Bath bombs are the thing I always hope I’ll get but I don’t want to spend my own money on it. If you think bath bombs are boring then you have to watch this or this.



I think I’ve talked about my love to books a billion of times. I don’t think buying a novel is a good thing unless you know a person that well but I think you can’t go wrong with buying a funny book (book Raising Unicorns,Bathroom Guest Book) a book about fashion or anything that each girl is interested in (book Braids, Buns and Twists), even a cookbook (The Hungry Student Cookbook) could work. Want to see inside of my book wish-list ? Check my blog post with book wish-list or my Pinterest board.



(Note: Remember the party I was mentioning at the beginning of this post ? Well…If you ever organize something like that, please invite me! I promise I’ll behave! )


  1. Thank you so much for your comment!! I'm so glad that you got inspired by that outfit! and I really appreciate your words! :)

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

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    1. haha yes shoes should be on the list too but I personally don't want friends to buy shoes for me xD

  3. Lovely post. Books and candles are my fav ! :)

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    1. haha :D I'm glad you like it :) If I ever visit you, now I know what to bring to you ;)

  5. Definitely true even though I don't use lip products that much :D