Tuesday, August 5, 2014

After sitting on gynecologist chair every girl needs some time to relax and to realize how this is completely normal and how every woman goes through this…trying to explain to myself this every single time but all the awkwardness just doesn’t want to disappear from my head. I don’t know but I just hate the fact that someone is looking straight in to my V. Judge me, kill me, whatever, but I would still hate it.

Anywayyyy… me and my dear friend made a decision to visit a new restaurant in town. Barba restaurant is placed in Novo mesto in Slovenia and because I’ve heard from my sisi what a great place this is, we thought why not to take a look and drink coffee somewhere else than usual.

barba restaurant interior dainte blog shop photo 

The moment we step in we realized this is going to be our place. Later she even forbid me not to bring any of my dates in here because to be honest we both know this place would be ruined, ruined with memories and emotions lol. This place is just the sweetest little restaurant I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if that was just a coincidence or if that’s the usual thing over there but the bartender was wearing suspenders and a shirt and he was totally fitting in to the whole restaurant thing. Workers in there are in general really nice and polite.

barba restaurant floral dainte blog shop photo 

We two came in just to drink something and chat a little bit but somehow we stayed in there for couple of hours. We were actually waiting to get hungry because we wanted to try food soooo badly. And the food is oh so yummy.

barba restaurant novo mesto something for tickling dainte blog shop

Picture above is from the menu and in direct translation says “something for tickling/something to tickle” and I thought this is so cute that I just had to take a photo of it.

barba restaurant dainte blog shop 

Can not wait to visit this place again. ASAP ! And yes I remember how in last post (Impressed by: DiVino Restaurant) I was talking about toilets. Toilets there are super clean although the thing that sucks is that when you are going to the toilet room you have to walk by the fitness centre so here comes the guilt part after eating all that unhealthy food or the hot part if there are some hot boys working out and you somehow suddenly miss the right doors. 

barba restaurant floral dainte blog shop sunglasses


  1. This place really does look lovely! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. It looks like a lovely little place :)

  3. You did the only right thing after this visit! Love the glasses :)
    xx from Germany, Rena

  4. Looks like amazing place with very familiar atmosphere. The cookies look so yummy. Beautiful sunnies. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. Such a charming restaurant, great photos!

  6. Nice designs!
    New post up on my blog, let me know your opinion about it!

  7. Haha I think every girl hates that. The restaurant looks lovely and the food yummy :)


  8. Such lovely place!!! Nice pics! :D

  9. the shop is so dainty!

  10. I0m impressed too, such a lovely place!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  11. Such a lovely place! I would love to visit a restaurant like that :)

    MJ //

  12. Looks an amazing place! Beautiful pictures! =)
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  13. Looks very lovely and pretty.

  14. It looks like a nice restaurant! would have been great to see more of the food.