but baby it was on sale

Monday, July 7, 2014


Seriously who doesn’t love sales ? Sale is like a magic word! When a girl see something is on a sale she is going to buy it and nothing can stop her, not even the fact that she doesn’t like the item. I am so deep in this shi* that I’m even buying sizes too large just because it’s on sale and my excuse is-I’ll wear it for sleeping. But let’s admit it: sometimes you can really find amazing pieces under really low prices and that’s simply the best feeling in the whole wide world. Even better than the feeling of waking up in the middle of night feeling cold because your blanket kind of disappeared from the top of you so you pull it back and you are feeling warm again (by the way that’s really a great feeling). Now go and buy yourself something on sale !



Pink Top/Beige Bag/Floral Skirt/Polka Dot Shoes/Shorts/Silver Sandals/Yellow Bag/Sunglasses/Black Tote

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