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Monday, June 23, 2014


So I was thinking about how bring what I’m doing to another lever… I said to myself: babe it’s time to make some changes ! So I did ! Well I’m still making some huge changes in my life right now but getting a more professional look of my blog is the first step. Baby steps, baby steps babe. As you can see I’m also sharing printscreens of my previous blog theme in case you already forgot ;) So what do you think about this blog makeover ?


Right now it’s already Tuesday half past 2 am and I’m not planning to go to sleep yet because right now I’m in the working mood. Do you ever get in that kind of mood ? When you just want to stay up all night and keep working ! Or is it just me ? Yep, I guess it’s just me. Guess who is going to be a grumpy kid because of the lack of sleep, at the lunch date with my friend in couple of hours ? Yep, me again !

Love you all !! xoxo

UPDATE: Few hours later I decided to also change the whole name of the blog. Dainté is the new name of my blog and also of my shop in the close future. Can’t wait to show you everything!!! XOXO once again ;)

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