Winter Time

Monday, February 3, 2014

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here in Slovenia is these days weather showing us the real winter that some of us were so scared of. I know it’s supposed to be magical, romantic and lovely but I just don’t like the snooooww  but I decided to give a snow a chance. And I loved it (well tbh I just didn’t hate and I believe this is already a huge step for me). But I love it as long as I can stay at home and not going anywhere.


  1. Aw wow, the snow looks so magical! Your dog is adorable! Hope you have a great and productive week ahead hun!

    1. thanks darling :) Well I was mostly doing stuff for my college... lol

  2. That's really scary (you can't really see anything!) Q_Q but beautiful at the same time! Here where I live we don't have snow in winter, so sad!

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    1. it really sucks ! I don't like it xD but at least schools are closed because of it. it also sucks that more than a half of the country don't have electricity.
      ohh you are so lucky !! I want to move to your country !!

  3. Beautiful pictures!