I got dumped

Friday, January 31, 2014

Let’s see what urbandictionary.com says about the meaning of phrase “getting dumped”


I got dumped ! I’m not writing this so you would feel sorry for me or anything but I just thought it would be alright to share this with you, since I won’t be using a hashtag #boyfriend under my posts anymore lol. This is the first time that a boyfriend left me, so you can imagine how much actually this sucks for me. I just keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason and that someday I will find someone who is going to love me unconditionally no matter what happens. Probably the biggest thing that sucks is living in a lie that everything is alright and person standing next to you and holding your hand actually cares about you. Let’s stop crying and start looking from the bright side ! More time for me and for my friends, focusing more on my blog and college, wear and buy things I like… Yes of course I was pretty much dying in the first two days, no eating, no sleeping but once after I realized for who I was wasting my tears I started to realizing that this “single life” is so much better for me. After boys found out I am back in the game again, they literally came and offered themselves to help me go through this shit (if you know what I mean lol ).

So all the single girls out there say a big yay for all of us ! There should never be a guy out there who would put us down and kill our confidence. Now let’s go out and find us some fun (=boys).


  1. Same story happend to me before two months

  2. Oh, pa lih zadjič sem prebrala tvoj zapis "good morning" :) ... I know how you feel honey :) sem v podobnem stanju :/ :)