Good Morning ??

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Hello everyone ! Last weekend I had really big thing going on ! I met HIS parents and family for the first time. Can you believe it ? Just the other day I was talking with my lovely girl friend, how weird it is that I actually got a boyfriend (lol). I am not kidding ! It is weird. The little ginger weirdo, that in some situations turns in to really awkward penguin (like my gf would name me&her) is having a boyfriend ! Weird !! But you know what ? I really like to wake up, open my eyes and seeing him next to me (well usually I am the one who punches him in his arm until he wakes up and then I am acting super surprised, that he is already awake xD ). It’s not actually happening that often because we live few hours apart but here and then it does. Am I growing up ? Well maybe the fact that this year I am going to turn 20, is telling me that it is the time. So yea lately these two simple words Good Morning means a lot to me, probably as never before. Hearing them next to me by someone I really care about it is something I never want to lose. I am having issues with showing my true emotions and feelings to the people that deserves to hear how I feel about them but I hope one day I’ll be able to prove to them, how much they really mean to me. Soooo…. Good morning babe ;) The thing I am going to do right now is to text few of my closest people to tell them I wish them a lovely morning and tell them how much they mean to me. Maybe you should do the same :) let’s see what happens.