Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey my dear readers. im really sorry that lately I wasn't posting enough but everything was going so wrong! First I had flu, then every dayanother exam in school and now I still dont have wifi (and this really sucks because its hard to publish anything...right now Im writing this on my iPad and using 3G...).

This outfit is from last week but in case you are not following me yet on the Instagram you see this for the first time. Im sorry but its hard to write a good post while you are so depressed because of wifi,lol.


Photo below I took on Thursday in school.

Have a lovely day. XoXo



  1. Hi dear, I've also been having a problem with wifi recently and can understand how frustrating it can be. Lovely outfit, the earrings and aqua tee look so cute.

  2. Replies
    1. oh hvala :) odkrila sem super in preprost način kako doseči naravno skodrane lase in sem zdej čist hepi xD