Wednesday, February 20, 2013





yes I do ! I admit it ! I’m a really one weird girl because when I’m tired I just talk a lot ! Imagine how someone who is drunk and high looks like, well that is how I look like when I'm tired. (don’t worry its just the talk that is weird).  To be honest I'm tired and feeling sleepy every morning and evening because I go to sleep very late and have to wake up way too early. So sometimes I just sleep like 3 hours and after that go to school. I know that is a sick thing but I just can’t help myself. I can’t go to bed early and even if I do there are always just few more things to check on my iPhone (and those few more things then last few hours). And in the morning I'm tired of course and that is the time when I start acting weird. Like talking really a lot ! And talk about stupid things.

Another thing is when you wake me up during deep sleep. Sometimes I just don’t know where I am and sometimes I even think it’s time to get up and go to school (even if its in the middle of night). I would talk to you but my talk would be stupid and with no meaning. And the weirdest- in the morning I don't remember anything. Its like a sleepwalking !

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I just didn’t know what to share with you about me so I thought this could be interesting :D


  1. Interesting post, definitely something different - in a positive way :) And I do weird stuff when sleepy all the time too - I'm perfectly capable talking to someone for an hour like I'm awake, when I'm actually sleeping, and then forget all about it x)

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  3. And the weirdest- in the morning I don't remember anything. - i'be got the same;)

    1. hah xD Its good to hear Im not the only one xD

  4. haha isn't it nice to read that your not the only one?


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