Sunday, September 9, 2012


Oh how cute is that Smile But sadly they tasted awful ! lol xD

So btw those photos were published on Instagram like month ago, while I was still on my summer holidays. Instead of going on some vacation I spend all my money on shopping Winking smile

I love this song ! Maybe I'm surprising you and I surprised myself too, because usually I'm not huge fan of rap, but in this song I just love it. You have to hear it !! Click .here. for music video.

Miss Luna Smile She is sleeping on her new bed made of beige leather and she is also hugging her heart-pillow. How adorable Open-mouthed smile

Guess which movie is that ? And what do I think about it ? so-so. I mean its good, but its not great. I would absolutely change few things in it. (if you still don’t know, which movie is that, its Ghost)

In summer holidays I also visited my great friend L. We had sleepover party with movies, music, Skype and popcorns. Haha Open-mouthed smile  I took this photo in the morning (around 12 pm) while we were watching Chocolat.

hahaha Open-mouthed smile yeah Winking smile

true :/

My favorite morning drink during summer – Ice Coffee Winking smile

haha. oh yes, that’s me Open-mouthed smile that’s what comes out when there is only me and me being bored xD lol

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