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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi Smile

I'm sorry because lately I wasn't really focused on my blog. I have good reason for it Open-mouthed smile Some of you already know, that I'm creating headbands and try to prepare them for sale. I didn’t know how to sell them because I'm not yet 18, so I cant sell them on Etsy. And as you know my dear sister is having her shop on Etsy and she ask me, if I want to sell my headbands in her online shop. I was so happy that I can finally start to sell them. Yesterday we have photo shooting for them and now I'm trying to find good photos.  I'm not sure yet the date when I will start to sell them, but I know its going to be soon. You want to have a little sneak peek on them ?



What do you think ? I know you cant really see them, but soon you will be able to see full photos of headbands and even buy some of them.

This is absolutely one thing that makes me happy now, but there is another thing too Smile We just received new amazing refrigerator Open-mouthed smile This is picture from internet, because our is still packed.


I liked it Hot smile

Have fun Red lips


  1. O, super, bom spet malo pobrskala po trgovnici...

  2. did you sell them dear ? i really love the yellow one :D

  3. hi dear ! i've just give you an award :) check it out : http://nemesisiodenia.blogspot.com/2011/07/first-award.html

  4. Biba: lahko že kar takoj pogledaš na Etsy, ker tam je že nekaj mojih obročev :)
    ade kurnianingrum handika putri : now i already do :)
    and thank you soooooo much about award, your great, Im really thankful to you :)

  5. oooooo tak hladilnik je odličen:P hehe jaz bi tudi imela takšnega:p drugače pa obroči za lase so super cute:)

  6. Pink-Diamond : heh :) se strinjam. zdaj vsak dan si točim vodo na tistem vodnem barčku ki je na hladilniku :) hvala :) lahko kakšnega tudi kupiš ;)

  7. hihi i really like that headband dear :D
    ur welcome sweety :3