Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Im so proud on me ! I finally get chance to sell my headbands. As I told you Im selling them on my sisters Etsy account because Im not jet 18 to sell them by my own. Make sure you take a look to her jewelry to, because believe me its beautiful!
You want to see headbands ??????????

Probably every little while Im going to put more and more of them, so make sure you will check them out soon again ;) I don't know what to write more about it, because I think it's the best if you just go and see them in shop (we do have worldwide shipping too). Those are headbands that are already in the store so you can bought it, if you want :)
Dark blue headbandLila bow headbandBlue bow headbandFloral bow  headbandElectric blue headbandSunflower In My hair headband
Whenever you will been hanging on my blog, you can click on the button on the right and you will be directed to shop where I sell headbands. This is how button looks like :

I really hope you like my headbands :) If you have any questions feel free to write them in comment.



  1. Čestitam! Res so lepe :)

  2. Wau, zelo simpatično! In čestitke ;)

  3. Oh wow these are awesome! You make them??? :O That's amazing. I kinda wanna buy the floral one but just wondering, how much are you charging for shipping?

    And thank you so much for the award!!! <3

  4. Neko : hvala :)
    With love, Ana. : hvala :) lahko tudi kakšnega kupiš ;)
    !♥ m i m i : yes I do :) soon I will show more of them :) you can see description of ever headband and prize and shipping if you go here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/ManuelaS?section_id=10188511
    and about award, no problem :)

  5. because i dont have my own credit card it sucks the only one who has credit card is my dad and he wont let me use it at all !
    see here in morocco we dont use credit cards a lot and he doesnt know whats shopping on the net means lol :p
    so thats sucks but i rlly liked it its great a headband:)
    aaah who ever this lucky girl going to have it :p

  6. Yeah thats Great :)
    Blog Friends Yay :p
    And again sadly noo none of my friends have credit card so thats sucks lucky you , u can shop online its so cool and u can find some great finds !!
    like ur headbands :)
    ugh i rlly liked it u know iv been searching here a lot for cute headbands like the ones u have and i still didnt found any :/

  7. yeah its rlly sad that i wont have it ur headbands are rlly cute ur so lucky :/
    and yeap i have fb whats urs ??

  8. this is my facebook : HàjààriTà Ḕḹ
    whats yours ??