Valentines Day Drawing

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just a few more hours until The Day of Love or like normal people likes to call it - Valentines Day. So what are you going to do? Me ? Hmmm, let me think... Well... Nothing :D To me this will be just a normal day like any other. Maybe I will add some heart to my outfit just to remind me how Valentines Day should be full of love and all about sharing that the exact thing with people around me. So yes, lets talk abou what I created. The drawing you see above this text it's a little something that I created a couple of days ago. This took me half of day to make it but to be honest I think it was worth it. What do you think ? Please let me know! I would really like to hear your honest opinion about this. Thanks and enjoy your day*** love you all*xoxo*


  1. I'll write math test on Thursday,so this will be my Valentines day. ;)) Yey, lucky me. But after school I'll watch two movies: Lost Valentine (amazing and beautiful movie) and of course Valentines day. :))
    About your picture: It's amazing. You really can draw! :))

    1. I have math test tomorrow too !! It sucks I know :(
      Yes Im planning for me some movies for Valentines night too :))
      Thanks hun about my drawing**

  2. I like your drawing !! It's so cute and the text it's so sweet !

    I hope that you can enjoy Valentine's Day too! <3

    xoxo from Japan

  3. very nice work!
    I hope you'll have a great Vday

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  4. kok lepo si nardila! js bi tud tko znala :D