Monday, March 2, 2015

how to dress as a french girl paris dainte spela seserko

I don’t know about you but I’m always admiring French woman for their elegant and timeless sense for fashion. They keep it simple but they still manage to look glamorous and breathtaking. What is the secret of it ? I went through my mind to search for ideas on how to dress up like you were walking through the streets of Paris since you were born. Every single time I’m trying to pull the “french look” I follow next few steps.

//less is more//

stay away from embellishments or too many colors. “Less is more” is the saying that perfectly describes French fashion but you have to remember that excludes dresses and skirts, so keep looking sophisticated by wearing midi length.


black is the most important word when it comes to Parisian fashion. French girls always seems like they don’t care about their clothes yet they always look flawless. If you choose black color you don’t have to worry about matching and you always look dressed up. Should I wear all black or all black outfit ? Please ignore my blackholism.


most well known tourists places in French are covered in paving and that’s why it makes it hard to walk in heels. Paris is also known as a walking city. Parisians spend their days in flats and they leave heels for special occasions. Choose ballet flats for a true Parisian daily look and brogues for the evening.


darker skinny jeans should be already in your closet anyway but if you are going for the “bonjour” kind of look this is a must. A true French woman would never wear shorts and showing half of her butt in it.


all you need is a two basic pieces and you’re done. Black leather jacket and a classis beige trench coat.


simple and light pieces with the expensive touch in it. Nothing big that could draw too much attention on it. Dainty bracelets, stud earrings, petite pendants on necklaces.

//stripes & roses//

be careful when it comes to prints but you can’t go wrong with striped print. Stripes should be national symbol for France. If you are looking for a bit more flirty style go for floral print. Stripes for classy and roses for romantic girl.


  1. I have to agree (Merci) the french woman have a great sense of style. ( Hope your mom doing well)

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  3. Great tips! I love the floral print sweater!

  4. Great tips! I love Parisian style :)

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