Review: Lip Smacker

Friday, May 30, 2014

I bought this lovely set a few weeks ago and now I finally took time to open it and actually try it. One of the things I am totally crazy about, is having a full collection of things. Whenever I see a bag that I like, I just have to get it in every color, the same thing is happening with everything. I just always love to have a choice.

In this collection you get 6 different lip balms by Lip Smacker. Each of them smells amazing but still my ultimate favorite is mango. Maybe because once when I was a little girl (that was back in the days when little girls were super happy, if they had a lip balm so they could pretend to have a lipstick and not as nowdays when a 10 years old girl is wearing more makeup to school that I do to my night out) I had a mango lip balm (my mom bought it for me at Avon) that smelled like heaven. I just loved it and I had to take it with me everywhere until one day I left it in the car ( it was hot summer) and when I came back all I could see, was completely melted lip balm. I was crying so much but sadly tears can't make things come back. I guess that's the reason why mango Lip Smacker is my fav one.


  1. Aaaww your story is lovely about the lip balm. I agree with you kids now adays apply way too much make up. It's like they really want to be an adult so bad and they miss out on their childhood. Anyways, great review. Thanks for your sweet comment. Are we following each other? if not, let me know if you want to.

  2. These look so fun and the cookies one sounds amazing :D