Redhead Crying ? But She Is Without Soul !

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm one of those that express feelings through crying although I have to admit lately I'm not crying that much anymore. Somehow I think I got stronger in last few months. Sometimes I like to make fun out of me that I can't cry anymore because I don't have tears in myself anymore. I can start crying really fast when I'm in PMS (if you are a girl you understand me. If you are a boy you will never be able to understand what a girl have to go through during that part of the month) or when I'm already stressed out or even when I'm tired. I won't cry because of you, if you don't mean something to me but if you supposed to be someone who should be there for me and you had hurt me, then I just can't stop my tears. I've always been one of those quiet criers. You know how we all go through that phase in childhood when we want every single toy they have in store and we use our puppy eyes filled with tears to get what we want ? Well I was the same but I always crying in silent so no one could hear me or saw me. Just little small tears were falling down my chubby face full of freckles.  I'm still pretty much the same-I don't want anyone to see me crying so usually I just go in my room or under the shower and make sure no one can hear me. I personally think I'm an ugly crier (sometimes I even go to check myself in the mirror to see how I look like when I'm crying lol. How weird is that ?). One day I had like really bad day at one guy really made me so mad (over!?) so I cried in school. I was trying my best to hide my face from whole class but that is like mission impossible and I still remember how one my friend came to me and he told me how I should cry more often. In that moment I thought I'm going to slap him in the face with the chair (I guess problem number 1 was PMS ). I asked him why he said that. And he replied that I look beautiful when I cry because my nose gets red and cheeks get this soft pink color... 
Well as I said before I do cry a lot and when you are doing something often you kind of know how to help yourself with it. Sometimes it's just the best to get everything out of yourself and then there are other times when you know it's stupid to cry and you want to stop it asap. My advice is to try to put your head back as much as you can. When they say keep your head high (well here also a bit back) actually works ! Don't forget to drink as much as you can of water. Hope this helps you :)

So yep ! Redheads do cry too.

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  1. Moja najpogostejša reakcija na stres je jok :D Pa tud sama sem se že večkrat čekirala v ogledalu kako zgledam ko se jočem :D &It's not pretty at all :D