Wedding Bouquet: Gifts for Bridesmaids

Monday, July 1, 2013

When and if I’ll ever get married I absolutely want to give a special treatment to my bridesmaids. I would prepare special gifts just for them and make them feel the best as they could. Here are few things that I just love and I want to share with you ;)


If you are planning having some extra sports activities for your girls or if you are planning wedding in summer, then you might reconsider to buy those lovely baseball hats + make sure you make it personal with monogram on each ;)

On the end, right before you run away with your new hubby, don’t forget to leave a little something as a thank you gift. A lovely bracelet with double infinity sign might help you with that.

What about bracelet that says their name on it ? Yes that is a little something even I want for myself-NOW !

Imagine yourself with your bridesmaids putting on makeup and making sure your hair is still perfectly fine. What else do you need ? Matching robes could help :) This is also great to prevent spilling some wine or leaving mascara stains all over your dress.

My bridesmaids would have to wear little buttons everywhere they would go ! Buttons that would make sure that the world knows that they are my bridesmaids !

Bridesmaids are always known as girls that are allowed to drink while getting ready and helping the bride… so why not to make sure they have the cutest wine glasses ever ! Make them even more special with names of the girls all over the glasses ;)

Make sure that your bridesmaids bring all essentials they need in beautiful canvas tote. You can actually give bags to them when you ask them to be special girls on your big day.