Waking up at 5 am

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last week I finished with my last final exams and now I can finally relax and enjoy in summer holidays.  I have so many plans for this summer and I just hope this time I'll be able to make stuff happen ! 
As all the other teens after finishing with school year, I love to enjoy in all those stuff I can't actually do during school...sleeping through whole day and just doing nothing. BUT if you are a mom of a child or mom of a little dog (please do not judge me cuz Im calling myself this way, if you own a cute spoiled dog Im sure you know what Im talking about...) you can sometimes just forget on long mornings. Today little pug called Luna decided she is not feeling sleepy anymore so she woke up at 5 am ! That is way too early ! So I put on black leggins, black shirt and black snoopy cardigan and we were ready to go on a little walk. Whole neighborhood was still sleeping only me and Luna were up.

On this first photo she was just yawning that is why her tongue is in such a weird position.

I took few photos on the road while walking back to our home and still warm beds (yep when we came back in I put her in her bed and then I went back to sleep too).