Reaching 500 followers on IG and answering your questions

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello my dear readers. If you are following me on Instagram you probably saw that I mentioned that Im reaching 500 followers there and that I wanted to share your questions and my answers here. So here we go.

I want hair just like yours so can you tell something about your hair.

Thanks. Well my natural hair color is brown. Im coloring my hair in orange or how professionally its called - mango. 2 years ago I have been coloring my hair in chocolate brown but because I realized I want a little change I decide to color it in orange. Now im complete ginger-I have freckles and orange hair.

What is not love ?

Hmmm... That is a good one and one that makes me think,lol. I guess love is not mean, its not short texting, its not something that makes you cry and makes you sad, it is not breaking up every two weeks, it is not just a word in a dictionary under letter L, it is not making other side sad to make you feel better. Love it is not the thing you can pretend and its not something that won't change you. Love isnt hate and love is not fake....

What is you biggest regret ?

I personally think that everything in my life happened with a reason so I guess I wouldnt change anything and I don't have any regrets.

How could you describe your style ?

I don't have a style. I buy if its cute. That's why my closet its full of prints and colors.

Where you spend most of your money for clothes ?

Mostly I shop at H&M because I love all their items.

Where do you live ?

I live in Slovenia, small country in Europe.

I saw that you mentioned few times that you are in last year of high school. Is there something you might miss after leaving it ?

I think there is not a lot of things that I will miss. To be honest I will probably miss for real just like 2 people and I guess I will also miss the positive energy of few more people from my class because through all those 4 years those people made me laugh and keep me smiled through day to day. I will miss that.

I saw you are single and I was wondering why is that ?

Haha, to be honest I have no idea. When I tell someone that im single, usually I get reactions like why are you still single, and like you are lying and stuff. And all the people know magically who Im dating, and the worst part is that I dont ! Haha. Through the time, I got different answers by different people about why Im still single:

-guys are affraid of me

-being too shy

-i look too confident

-i give this feeling of untouchable

-i dont party enough

-guys thinks im already taken

-i give this feeling of someone who is completely not intrested

-im afraid of making eye contact

- i look like a bitch

-i fall for jerks

-i dont notice when someone likes me

-and most common: I don't want a bf

If I would ask your friends what you are like, what would they say ?

They would say I laugh and smile all the time. And that in front of others I act very mature and with a class but when we are alone I act weird and crazy.

Is there any way that I can contact you in person ?

You can contact me over Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, Facebook or even Skype. I love to meet new people and I always like to talk.


  1. v zadnjem letniku si? kam pa hodiš?
    kam si se vpisala? :DD Trenutno nimaš fanta ali ga še nisi imela?? :))
    se opravičujem za radovednost, ampak tudi jaz hodim v četrti letnik. ;)

    1. haha :D ni panike :D ja v četrtem letniku sem in hodim na ekonomsko šolo v nm :) pa ti ? nadaljevala pa bom tut v ekonomski smeri :D
      trenutno sem popolnoma samska in kot sama seme imenujem - forever alone, haha :D in skos govorim vsem, da si bo treba enga kupit ;D haha. ampak pravjo da mam kroničen bitch face in da vse odženem stran xD haha.

  2. Congrats for the followers!
    I didn't know you lived in Slovenia.

    1. Thanks hun ! I still do live in Slovenia :D

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  4. I love your ginger hair! I just set a goal to dye mine after I grow it out again :) You rock it!

    When Mine Became Ours

  5. My cingrats about IG) and a kiss from Ukraine!