Hello world, my name is…

Thursday, July 26, 2012

(because this is the first time I'm doing this post, I have to tell you a little bit about it. Hello world, my name is… is the post that contains interview with someone interesting. In each interview I will present you, why that person catch my eye. Each interview that will be posted under this title is not copied from somewhere, but I originally made it with that person. Now let start with the FIRST Smile )


Tell me something about yourself :

Well, what is there to know? I was originally born in Holland and since then i have been traveling all over the world together with my family. Since 8 months i have been living alone in Orland FL. I am obsessed with training and nutrition, i try to have a steady diet just so that i can give it my all when i am training. My dream is to become one of the best water skiers in the world and travel the world to swerve on the nicest lakes!

When did you start waterskiing ?

I started waterskiing about 2 years ago but i have been taking it seriously since about 8 months. It all began in Uruguay, when we went skiing a afternoon with the family and that's probably the exact day i fell in love with this amazing sport.


How is it living the life of a water-skier ? Is it dangerous ?

To be honest, i think its more fun than i had expected. Obviously you have your ups and downs but you just have to set your mind to it and bite through it and remember that at the end you will come out stronger and see a improved new you.


Describe your day !

I wake up when my body feels rested, i try not to set an alarm. (not that i mind that!! haha) than i first have the luxury to have a look at the precious lake to see how the weather is. From there i just schedule my day. It includes physical training, skiing, groceries and a lot of cooking! I try to ski at least 2-3 times a day and hit the gym at lest once. When i have time over, i usually hit up my awesome neighbors and we take out the boat and go out on the lake for some fun. "Time spent on the water, is time well spent."


What is the most expensive fashion item you bought ?

That would probably be in some of the earlier days when i still lived with my parents. I had a lot of clothing from my favorite brand G-Star Raw. (Thanks dad!x) Now the most expensive item i own is a $45 short from O'Neil.


Continue sentences with your own answers:

  • every man should have in his closet… A suit, you never know when the occasion strikes.
  • my fashion style is … Ski-style?? (Swim shorts, no shirt, no shoes hahaha)
  • on my night-stand there is always… A bottle of water.
  • if my day would last 5 hours longer, I would spend it … On the water!
  • if my phone would rang at 3am, I would probably … Sleep trough it... :/
  • last message I received was from… My mother! Love you mom!!
  • my worst habit is… Eating snickers... i love that stuff
  • my friends would describe me as … No idea hahaha.. Weird? Tall? Funny?



I would like to say big THANK YOU to Niels, because you decided to have an interview with me. You were great and I had lots of fun, while we were doing this. For me it was extra hard, because I didn’t know how to start this, but on the end everything just turned up great. Thanks again Smile 

And all of you my lovely readers, I hope you liked it and enjoyed in reading this. And you know what ?? I already decided who is going to be next !


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