Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Fashion Week

Thursday, March 1, 2012


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5. Models Aren’t Allowed to Smile


The reason models make sexyface all the time isn’t because they want to—it’s because that’s what designers demand. (Do angry women sell more clothes?) If, hypothetically, you are taking a hair-and-makeup shot of a model, not even getting the garments in the picture, and you tell the model it’s okay to smile, be prepared for the designer to come up behind you and hiss NO SMILING, causing the model to almost faint.

6. People Work Incredibly Hard


Behind the scenes, there is a small army of hair stylists, makeup artists, publicists, designers, fitters, model wranglers, garment handlers, photographers, interns, volunteers, editors, writers, and various other professionals running from show to show, not sleeping, living on junk food, and basically working their butts off. They don’t get much credit, but they deserve more.

7. They Are Curiously Concerned About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


This puzzling sign is posted backstage at every show at Fashion Week. Was there a problem with drunk pregnant models?

8. The Port-a-Potties are Amazing


They have lighting, sinks, step flushes, fancy soap, and running water. They even smell good.

9. Being “On the List” Feels Pretty Good


Even if you don’t buy in to the commercialism and the hype of the event, there is still a tiny rush every time you walk backstage, confidently say, “I’m on the list,” and have a smiling assistant hand you your backstage pass.

(SOURCE: DivineCaroline)


  1. I love these kinds of articles! It's fun to read, and mostly about things like these .. :)

  2. haha thats a fun post!! i agree that sign is so very strange about pregant models?!?